Kali Center Florida Chapters

Emerald Coast Chapter

Training in Pensacola, FL.


Will Renfroe

Will Renfroe

Emerald Coast Chapter Instructor

This site, Kali Center Florida (Kalicenterflorida.com) is the second Kalicenter.com chapter school location. We will be training and studying the pure art of Kali, from FOOTWORK, to single stick, double stick, sword and dagger, single and double knife, and empty hands.

St. Augustine Chapter

Training in St. Augustine, FL.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

St. Augustine Chapter Instructor

Kali Shark (Kalishark.com) is Kali Center’s First Coast Chapter in St. Augustine, Florida. Our group focuses on Kali Center curriculum to be specific. This group was created for the North East Florida regional area to study that same curriculum.

Other Official Kali Center Florida Chapters

Each Kali Center chapter leaders have personally trained with Paul Ingram on numerous occasions, host seminars with him and are personally mentored by Paul in their teaching of Kali. As a student of our chapters you can trust you will be receiving the highest quality of instruction and training in the art.